Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 8

Nirmala George
"Ban on Child Labor Begins in India."
Houstin Chronicle. Octover 10, 2006

A new ban has been created in India that bans companies and people from hiring children under the age of 14. Even with this law many children still are working, some in hazardous conditions. With this new law officials hope to send more children to school to get and education. Many children that were interviewed couldn't remember the last tiem they didn't work some being only 13 years old. But there are many children and families who do depend on the money that their child makes in order to survive. With the new law anone who violates it will be fined although many of them are unsure if the law will be enforced. Oe problem with this law is the worry that if these children can't work that they will suffer and live in poverty.

Annotation 7

Anuj Choopra
"India's Latest Move to Stop Child Labor: A New Law Banning Children Under 14 from Working in Homes or Restaurants Begins Tuesday in India." THe Christian Schience Monitor. October. 10, 2006

As of right now there are many children, some being as young as 10 years old, whor work 12 hours a day and making often less than a dollar. Now a new ban has been created banning children from working who are under the age of 14. Although many believe this is the start of ending child labor many believe more could be done. One issure that risses from this ban is creating alternate funding for the families who depend on this extra income. India which has the most children working in the labor force in the whole world will now start to decrease in emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that occures to many children who were working. With the new ban many things will change and be hard to adjust to.

Annotation 6

"50 Boys Who Were Froced to Work at Factories in India are Freed."
New York Times. December 29,2006. pg A.9.

For the last two years 50 boys ranging from the ages 8 to 14 who worked 15 hours a day were freed by a local private organization. All of the boys come from poor families who needed the money to survive. The boys worked in an embroidery factory working with needles that would sometimes hurt them. While working the children were often abused and weren't allowed to see their family. Even with the jobs many of the boys were never paid and didn't have an education that they could go to.

Annotation 5

Paolo Roggero, Viviana Manglaterra, Flavia Bustreo, Furio Rosati
"The Health Impact of Child Labor in Developing Countries: Evidence from Cross-Country Data." American Journal of Public Health. February 2007. Vol. 97, Iss. 2: Pg. 271

With so many child laborers all of whom are being denied a real childhood and facing horrible working conditions and then working at places taht are causing great damage to their health. Many of these children are malnourished, living in poverty, and without and education. The health impact of child labor has not been brought into great detail but there has been evidence of its bad affects. It's hard to tell how this will affect the future and the next generation of childrens health. Some health factors that are included is the transmitting of sexual diseases, long term, and short tern health issues.

Annotation 4

Amelia Gentleman
"Stricter Law Fails to Deminish the Demand for Child Laborers in India."
New York Times. March 4, 2007. pg. 1.8

After the ban on child labor children are still being employed. Many children work as maids and are often only paid $2.25 a month. People blaim the government for not being harder on this issure. Now many children are sent away to work and make more money even if they don't send the money to their families. The children are sent aways also to help their families to survive because one less mouth to feed means more money to live off of.

Annotation 3

"Child Laborers in India Untionize to Support Families."
New York Amsterdam News. August 7, 2003. pg. 18

Children all around the world work illegally. Many just do it in order to support their families. Lots of the children have lost a parent and thus have to work but are not paid nearly enough. Children do not go to school because of the poor lessons and would rather work to help make their lives better.

Annotation 2

Rahul Bedi
"Critics Skeptical of India's Pending Child Labot Ban 'Symbolic' Gesture."
National Post. August 3, 2006. pg. A.10

With the new bans the Indian government cracks down on employers of children by being sent to jail. When this is enforced it will help make the lives of maltreated and exploited children much better. Any violators of this ban will be fined and sent to jail for up to two years. Fro all of the kids who are "freed" the government can nto forsure grant them an education.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Annotation 1

Cahkravarthi Raghavan
"Over 70 Million Child Workers in the World."
Third World Resurgence. July 1996. No. 71.

As of right now it is estimated that child labor has affected nearly 73 million children from the ages 10-14 years old. Based on these statistics we can tell that in many countries such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa that there is an increase in the number of children who are working. What is even more amazing is the fact that in no area child labor is not completely outlawed. One of the areas with the most number of children working is in rural areas and plantations. Many children work in order to afford an education.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tri: 3 Raft March 29th Favorite Place in the World

Show, Don't Tell Assignment

Think of your favorite place in the world. Describe it in a RAFT assignment using the following format. DO NOT say what the place is.

R - travel agent or real estate agent
A - possible consumers (travellers or buyers)
F - advertisement brochure
T - My favorite place in the whole world.

Put it in your blog and label it Favorite Place in the World

Remember: Show, don't tell!

At my favorite place in the whole world it is always beautiful whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall. But my favorite time of all at this place is in the summer. My favorite place is always a lot of fun and is surrounded by little cabins with lakes all around from big ones to smaller ones. At this place there are big pine trees everywhere and pine needles that cover the ground as if trying to be the grass. Across the road is a state park with many walking trails that can lead you to great fishing spots. This place has a big house that can hold up to 40 people at certain times even though it can get crammed. In the house there is not one wall that is not covered with some kind of junk that hides all of the really great things that my grandma really has. Probably my favorite part of this place is the little old cabinet that is stashed with all kinds of candy from red juju coins to licorish. On the back side of the house there is a big garage where my grandma holds her "gift shop" but in my opinion is just a year round garage sale of junk. On the front side of the house is a beautiful lake with a beach that is amazing as the sun sets. The beach is always a highlight because of the sandcastle building, frog hunting, bonfires, and digging big holes to put people in and then watching them try to get out. The lake is always a lot of fun when the water is like glass and there's no one else out there but you. It's the best when your out tubing on a huge tube called super mable, that can hold five people, and then laughing after you hit a huge wave and all fall off.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Tri: 3 Raft March 20th

R - You
A - Mr. Hatten, the class and the World Wide Web
F - Blog
T - Your Spring Break and comments about third trimester

This Spring Break I had a really good time even though I didn't go anywhere special. My Spring Break started off really good because I got a car. I then spent most of my days out at afton snowboarding, and also spent a lot of my time shopping for clothes that I didn't need. I also got to hang out with my friends almost everyday. On Friday I left home and went to Duluth to watch my cousin play in the state tournament for hockey. While I was there I went to Spirit Mountain and snowboarded for a day, it was nice to go somewhere different for a chance.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tri: 2 Day 8


Attention-getter: ________________________________________________

Preview: The problem is that due to certain human activities Global Warming is occurring causing many problems for now and years to come. Some evidence that exists to show that Global Warming is occurring with negative consequences include the melting of the Antarctic ice sheets, the decrease in agricultural productivity, and the breaking down of the ozone layer. Contributing factors of this problem include the emission of Greenhouse Gases, the burning of materials that emit heat, and the excess use of electricity that most people call normal.

Thesis statement: Humans are causing Global Warming which is then causing problems that are bad for the Earth, our society, and the environment. We need to find a way to stop or slow down the development of global warming by what human activities we do.


Body paragraph one: There is no doubt that due to certain activities that humans do regularly are causing a change in the Earths atmosphere and, temperatures. This shows the evidence of Global Warming which is causing ice sheets around the world to continually melt. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Earth has warmed about 1ºF over that past one hundred years. Also according to their studies they indicated that during the 20th Century the global mean surface temperature warmed somewhere between 0.7 and 1.5ºF, because of this ocean water temperature has risen melting the Antarctic glaciers which have expanded ocean waters approximately 1-3 inches or 3-7 cm ( It has also been shown that for the past 7500 years, this ice sheet has retreated by 122 meters every year and continues to retreat. Los Angeles Times remarked that Greenland’s ice sheet is melting more and more every year. They also said that if ever the whole ice sheet ever were to melt completely away it would swamp the world's coastal cities, which is home to a billion people. This would also result in a possible rise in sea level about twenty-one feet which would also create the possibility of more harmful ocean storms. Research that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has also done has shown that due the constant rise in temperature(the melting of ice sheets) along much of the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts the sea level has been rising 0.08-0.12 inches per year. Because of the rise in sea level Judith Curry(Hurricanes) believes that the last two horrific hurricane seasons are due to global warming.

Body paragraph two: Another point that shows evidence of Global Warming and its bad effects on the earth is the decrease in agricultural productivity. Due to the change in global temperatures different regions have changed causing problems to develop and meeting their usual agricultural demands. According to NASA Global warming causes land that was once colder but is now warmer to be incapable of producing certain products that may have been only capable of being produced at a certain temperature. Due to human activity we have already changed the characteristics of our atmosphere in ways such as temperature, rainfall, and the levels of carbon dioxide. Even though our Agriculture may benefit from warmer weather there are many more bad consequences that occur. With warmer temperatures there is an increased chance that we will suffer for droughts, floods and heat waves, all of which cause trouble for farmers. Adding to this problem soil moisture may change and make it hard to produce certain crops in different areas ( Other bad consequences due to human activity for our agriculture is the change in rainfall amounts, and the rise in pollution, both of which affect our production of agriculture.

Body paragraph three: Also, other evidence that shows that certain human activity that is contributing to Global warming is bad includes the bad effects on human health. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency the change in climate directly affects the health of humans. Change in climate can change certain aspects of some infectious diseases; affect our water quality, and air quality. Extreme heat from global warming can cause serious problems for those with heart problems, and asthma. Certain diseases are climate sensitive and need warm temperatures to spread. With global temperature raising the new heat creates an easier way to spread diseases to new areas infecting more people. Another health issue is the breaking down of the ozone layer. As the ozone layer thins it causes a greater chance for humans to develop skin cancer.

Body paragraph four: One contributing factor to this problem is the emission of greenhouse gases. Some of the greenhouse gases that are being put into out atmosphere include Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Fluorinated Gases. All of which are produced from different things such as the burning of fossil fuels, the production and transportation of coal, natural gases, and oil, agricultural and industrial activities, and other industrial activities. People send greenhouse gases into the air by doing normal, everyday activities that include driving a car, watching tv, using almost any kind of electricity in and out of our homes. We are also using aerosols which trap and release heat and reflect sun light.


Re-state thesis statement: Human activity is causing the problem of Global Warming which then causes many other bad problems for the Earth and everything on it.

Briefly summarize key evidence and important contributing factors: Key evidence that adds to this problem includes melting of the Antarctic ice sheets, the decrease in agricultural productivity, and the bad health issues that can occur from global warming. Some contributing factors to this problem are the emission of greenhouse gases, the use of electricity in and out of our homes, and the burning of fossil fuels.

Propose a thorough, plausible solution: There are many simple solutions that we as people can do to help stop global warming and all of the bad effects that come from it but there is no real way to completely stop it. Something’s that will help the Earth's climate include saving electricity, instead of taking your car to work bike, walk, or take the bus, inform others about Global Warming that the consequences that are caused from it, recycle, plant trees, and when buying new products find things that save electricity.
Attention-"goer" (clincher): _______________________________________

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tri: 2 World Wide Climate

You may choose your role to be of someone who is an alarmist in the area of Global Climate Change. Alarmists wish to alarm individuals that something is imminent and dangerous. They feel action needs to be taken immediately on a problem or warn the problem could be severely escalated, harmful or even deadly.

The problem is the climate of the Earth's atmosphere, land, oceans, and ice fields are changing. This is due to the problem of global warming. The climate changes naturally but because of recent human activity the climate has started to shift dramatically. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that one thing that contributes to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels and biomass which has led to the emission of aerosols that absorb and emit heat, and reflect light. The changes in the atmosphere have also affected temperature, precipitation, storms and sea level. There has been a decrease in agricultural productivity, Antarctica has overall cooled and is shrinking causing a rise in sea level according to News Center. Scientists and organizations such as NASA get their evidence from satellites, models, and ground observations. This new evidence has revealed that urban areas withh asphalt, buildings, and aerosols are affecting global warming significantly. Time has said that because of global warming there will be some consequences, though not sure the exact affects some things that will change include: glaciers will melt, weather patterns will change, and animals and plants will shift to new habitats. Some things that send Greenhouse Gases into the air include watching TV, using the Air Conditioner, Riding in a Car, Playing a Video Game, Microwaving a meal and many more (EPA Kids). Climate affects everything in many ways such as the health of people, the ecological system, it can cause droughts and make crops hard to produce, it also causes the sea level to rise. Global Warming is a serious problem but there are ways that we can change the effects. EPA for Kids suggest that we can solve this problem by saving electricity, instead of driving your car everywhere take a bus, bike, or walk to places that you dont necessarily need to drive to, tell people about Global Warming, plant trees, recycle, and buy products that save energy.

1. State the Problem:
The problem is that the Earth's Climate is changing. Because of this change Global Warming is occuring which is causing the Antarctic glaciers to melt.

2. Give Evidence:
Evidence that shows that Global Warming is occuring and is not for the better is that there have been changes in temperature, storms and sealevel. The temperature of the Earth is constantly on the rise every year, causing sealevels to rise because the Antarctic glaciers continue to melt. Other evidence is that there has been a decrease in agricultural productivity because of a warmer climate that doesnt allow certain crops to grow, and droughts.

3. Examine Contributing Factors:
One contributing factor of Global Warming is when people send Greenhouse Gases into the air by doing normal activities that include driving a car, watching tv, using almost any kind of electricity in and out of our homes. Another contributing factor is the burning of fossil fuels and biomass, which get into our atmosphere and emit heat. Things that people think are just normal to do also cause global warming, but the problem is that most people have no idea that even microwaving contributes to the change in Earth's climate.

4. Propose a Solution:
There are many simple solutions that will help this problem but there is no real way that we can stop Global Warming forever, its already begun. Somethings that will help the Earth's climate include saving electricity, instead of taking your car to work bike, walk, or take the bus, inform others about Global Warming that the consequences that are caused from it, recycle, plant trees, and when buying new products find things that save electricity.

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tri: 2 Day 3: Tartan Problem

One problem that exists at Tartan is that students are always late to class. Students are always in a rush to get to stop at their lockers to get their stuff and then run off to their next class. This gives kids no time to relax, including myself. Sometimes kids get lucky and get to class right before the bell and other times you walk in after with everyone else. This year Tartan switched to having 6 hours a day shortening the passing time to five minutes. Most of the time this makes it really hard for me to make it from my last class to my locker and then to the next class, not even factoring in all of the students that you can't get around in the halls. Because students dont have any extra time it causes students to not only be late but have to sign out passes to go to the bathroom or to go to their lockers for something that they forgot in the rush. With so many students being late for class a lot of teachers dont even count tardies unless your really late. The easiest way that we could fix this problem is to lengthen passing time. This would make students life a lot more relaxed.

1. State the Problem:
The problem is that students are late to their classes a lot of the time.

2. Give Evidence:
I am constantly late to alot of my classes each day. I notice that there are many students who are always late to class.

3.Examine Contributing Factors:
Some contributing factors include shortened passing time, location of classes, locker location, crowded halls, and talking to your friends.

4. Propose a Solution:
A solution to this problem would be making passing time longer.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Tri: 2 Preview page 60

February 5, 2007

Analyzing a Problem:

Your family wants to spend more time together, but no one can agree on the kinds of activities to do.

The problem is that your family cant agree on the kinds of things you do when they're together. So the reasons for this could be that they all like to do different things and enjoy different activities. Or they may just not know about anybody elses activities that they like to do/they never tried it. Some things that could maybe help them solve the problem would be to make a list of all the activities they enjoy doing, or have specific days where each person gets to choose what they want to do and then switch off.

Tri: 2 RAFT assignment 2/5/07

February 5th 2007

Role - you
Audience - Mr. Hatten, Classmates, Katherin Kersten
Format - Informal journal entry
Topic - React to the article by Ms. Kersten. Also, point out the Problem she raises and the solution she offers.

My reaction to this article is that i think its true, that kids are becoming "self-absorbed" and are given whatever they want. Because kids are given whatever they want they're going to have a hard time when they get older and aren't given everything they want without effort/work. Our country has grown to think that this is normal and alright but all that its going to do is hurt the kids in their future because they won't know how to accept no as an answer. Because parents can't say no the kids grow up and may have poor work ethics, which would be bad for their futures. The problem in the article is that our society is raising our kids with no discipline, which is causing a problem now but will also be trouble in the future. The solution that Ms. Kersten offers is to not shower the kids with everything they want but discipline them and tell them no now and then. Kids need to face challenges and fail in order to develop the "psychological muscles", which they will need in order to deal with life.