Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Tri: 2 Day 3: Tartan Problem

One problem that exists at Tartan is that students are always late to class. Students are always in a rush to get to stop at their lockers to get their stuff and then run off to their next class. This gives kids no time to relax, including myself. Sometimes kids get lucky and get to class right before the bell and other times you walk in after with everyone else. This year Tartan switched to having 6 hours a day shortening the passing time to five minutes. Most of the time this makes it really hard for me to make it from my last class to my locker and then to the next class, not even factoring in all of the students that you can't get around in the halls. Because students dont have any extra time it causes students to not only be late but have to sign out passes to go to the bathroom or to go to their lockers for something that they forgot in the rush. With so many students being late for class a lot of teachers dont even count tardies unless your really late. The easiest way that we could fix this problem is to lengthen passing time. This would make students life a lot more relaxed.

1. State the Problem:
The problem is that students are late to their classes a lot of the time.

2. Give Evidence:
I am constantly late to alot of my classes each day. I notice that there are many students who are always late to class.

3.Examine Contributing Factors:
Some contributing factors include shortened passing time, location of classes, locker location, crowded halls, and talking to your friends.

4. Propose a Solution:
A solution to this problem would be making passing time longer.


Tim Rothenberger Eng. 10 said...

I like how you used a paragraph and then the format that Hatten wanted us to use. Good job using evidence to prove your point.

-Timothy R. Hr.2

EllieLikesCupcakes said...

not good.

oh ok i guess you are just an over achiever. this is good. and i mean real good. very very thorough. makes me wish i put this much effort in to things. there is a lot of information there. its like a whole essay in itself. nice.

this is a gold star



Alexis said...

WoW Kels you did fantastic! You used lots of evidence too! Great JoB! Love ya!

~Alexis Hour 3!

You definately deserve an A+++++!