Monday, February 5, 2007

Tri: 2 RAFT assignment 2/5/07

February 5th 2007

Role - you
Audience - Mr. Hatten, Classmates, Katherin Kersten
Format - Informal journal entry
Topic - React to the article by Ms. Kersten. Also, point out the Problem she raises and the solution she offers.

My reaction to this article is that i think its true, that kids are becoming "self-absorbed" and are given whatever they want. Because kids are given whatever they want they're going to have a hard time when they get older and aren't given everything they want without effort/work. Our country has grown to think that this is normal and alright but all that its going to do is hurt the kids in their future because they won't know how to accept no as an answer. Because parents can't say no the kids grow up and may have poor work ethics, which would be bad for their futures. The problem in the article is that our society is raising our kids with no discipline, which is causing a problem now but will also be trouble in the future. The solution that Ms. Kersten offers is to not shower the kids with everything they want but discipline them and tell them no now and then. Kids need to face challenges and fail in order to develop the "psychological muscles", which they will need in order to deal with life.

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