Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Tri: 2 Day 8


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Preview: The problem is that due to certain human activities Global Warming is occurring causing many problems for now and years to come. Some evidence that exists to show that Global Warming is occurring with negative consequences include the melting of the Antarctic ice sheets, the decrease in agricultural productivity, and the breaking down of the ozone layer. Contributing factors of this problem include the emission of Greenhouse Gases, the burning of materials that emit heat, and the excess use of electricity that most people call normal.

Thesis statement: Humans are causing Global Warming which is then causing problems that are bad for the Earth, our society, and the environment. We need to find a way to stop or slow down the development of global warming by what human activities we do.


Body paragraph one: There is no doubt that due to certain activities that humans do regularly are causing a change in the Earths atmosphere and, temperatures. This shows the evidence of Global Warming which is causing ice sheets around the world to continually melt. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency Earth has warmed about 1ºF over that past one hundred years. Also according to their studies they indicated that during the 20th Century the global mean surface temperature warmed somewhere between 0.7 and 1.5ºF, because of this ocean water temperature has risen melting the Antarctic glaciers which have expanded ocean waters approximately 1-3 inches or 3-7 cm ( It has also been shown that for the past 7500 years, this ice sheet has retreated by 122 meters every year and continues to retreat. Los Angeles Times remarked that Greenland’s ice sheet is melting more and more every year. They also said that if ever the whole ice sheet ever were to melt completely away it would swamp the world's coastal cities, which is home to a billion people. This would also result in a possible rise in sea level about twenty-one feet which would also create the possibility of more harmful ocean storms. Research that the United States Environmental Protection Agency has also done has shown that due the constant rise in temperature(the melting of ice sheets) along much of the U.S. Atlantic and Gulf coasts the sea level has been rising 0.08-0.12 inches per year. Because of the rise in sea level Judith Curry(Hurricanes) believes that the last two horrific hurricane seasons are due to global warming.

Body paragraph two: Another point that shows evidence of Global Warming and its bad effects on the earth is the decrease in agricultural productivity. Due to the change in global temperatures different regions have changed causing problems to develop and meeting their usual agricultural demands. According to NASA Global warming causes land that was once colder but is now warmer to be incapable of producing certain products that may have been only capable of being produced at a certain temperature. Due to human activity we have already changed the characteristics of our atmosphere in ways such as temperature, rainfall, and the levels of carbon dioxide. Even though our Agriculture may benefit from warmer weather there are many more bad consequences that occur. With warmer temperatures there is an increased chance that we will suffer for droughts, floods and heat waves, all of which cause trouble for farmers. Adding to this problem soil moisture may change and make it hard to produce certain crops in different areas ( Other bad consequences due to human activity for our agriculture is the change in rainfall amounts, and the rise in pollution, both of which affect our production of agriculture.

Body paragraph three: Also, other evidence that shows that certain human activity that is contributing to Global warming is bad includes the bad effects on human health. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency the change in climate directly affects the health of humans. Change in climate can change certain aspects of some infectious diseases; affect our water quality, and air quality. Extreme heat from global warming can cause serious problems for those with heart problems, and asthma. Certain diseases are climate sensitive and need warm temperatures to spread. With global temperature raising the new heat creates an easier way to spread diseases to new areas infecting more people. Another health issue is the breaking down of the ozone layer. As the ozone layer thins it causes a greater chance for humans to develop skin cancer.

Body paragraph four: One contributing factor to this problem is the emission of greenhouse gases. Some of the greenhouse gases that are being put into out atmosphere include Carbon Dioxide, Methane, Nitrous Oxide, and Fluorinated Gases. All of which are produced from different things such as the burning of fossil fuels, the production and transportation of coal, natural gases, and oil, agricultural and industrial activities, and other industrial activities. People send greenhouse gases into the air by doing normal, everyday activities that include driving a car, watching tv, using almost any kind of electricity in and out of our homes. We are also using aerosols which trap and release heat and reflect sun light.


Re-state thesis statement: Human activity is causing the problem of Global Warming which then causes many other bad problems for the Earth and everything on it.

Briefly summarize key evidence and important contributing factors: Key evidence that adds to this problem includes melting of the Antarctic ice sheets, the decrease in agricultural productivity, and the bad health issues that can occur from global warming. Some contributing factors to this problem are the emission of greenhouse gases, the use of electricity in and out of our homes, and the burning of fossil fuels.

Propose a thorough, plausible solution: There are many simple solutions that we as people can do to help stop global warming and all of the bad effects that come from it but there is no real way to completely stop it. Something’s that will help the Earth's climate include saving electricity, instead of taking your car to work bike, walk, or take the bus, inform others about Global Warming that the consequences that are caused from it, recycle, plant trees, and when buying new products find things that save electricity.
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