Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tri: 2 World Wide Climate

You may choose your role to be of someone who is an alarmist in the area of Global Climate Change. Alarmists wish to alarm individuals that something is imminent and dangerous. They feel action needs to be taken immediately on a problem or warn the problem could be severely escalated, harmful or even deadly.

The problem is the climate of the Earth's atmosphere, land, oceans, and ice fields are changing. This is due to the problem of global warming. The climate changes naturally but because of recent human activity the climate has started to shift dramatically. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said that one thing that contributes to global warming is the burning of fossil fuels and biomass which has led to the emission of aerosols that absorb and emit heat, and reflect light. The changes in the atmosphere have also affected temperature, precipitation, storms and sea level. There has been a decrease in agricultural productivity, Antarctica has overall cooled and is shrinking causing a rise in sea level according to News Center. Scientists and organizations such as NASA get their evidence from satellites, models, and ground observations. This new evidence has revealed that urban areas withh asphalt, buildings, and aerosols are affecting global warming significantly. Time has said that because of global warming there will be some consequences, though not sure the exact affects some things that will change include: glaciers will melt, weather patterns will change, and animals and plants will shift to new habitats. Some things that send Greenhouse Gases into the air include watching TV, using the Air Conditioner, Riding in a Car, Playing a Video Game, Microwaving a meal and many more (EPA Kids). Climate affects everything in many ways such as the health of people, the ecological system, it can cause droughts and make crops hard to produce, it also causes the sea level to rise. Global Warming is a serious problem but there are ways that we can change the effects. EPA for Kids suggest that we can solve this problem by saving electricity, instead of driving your car everywhere take a bus, bike, or walk to places that you dont necessarily need to drive to, tell people about Global Warming, plant trees, recycle, and buy products that save energy.

1. State the Problem:
The problem is that the Earth's Climate is changing. Because of this change Global Warming is occuring which is causing the Antarctic glaciers to melt.

2. Give Evidence:
Evidence that shows that Global Warming is occuring and is not for the better is that there have been changes in temperature, storms and sealevel. The temperature of the Earth is constantly on the rise every year, causing sealevels to rise because the Antarctic glaciers continue to melt. Other evidence is that there has been a decrease in agricultural productivity because of a warmer climate that doesnt allow certain crops to grow, and droughts.

3. Examine Contributing Factors:
One contributing factor of Global Warming is when people send Greenhouse Gases into the air by doing normal activities that include driving a car, watching tv, using almost any kind of electricity in and out of our homes. Another contributing factor is the burning of fossil fuels and biomass, which get into our atmosphere and emit heat. Things that people think are just normal to do also cause global warming, but the problem is that most people have no idea that even microwaving contributes to the change in Earth's climate.

4. Propose a Solution:
There are many simple solutions that will help this problem but there is no real way that we can stop Global Warming forever, its already begun. Somethings that will help the Earth's climate include saving electricity, instead of taking your car to work bike, walk, or take the bus, inform others about Global Warming that the consequences that are caused from it, recycle, plant trees, and when buying new products find things that save electricity.


Sally said...

You analyzed the problem very well. Your evidence and contributing factors are relevant to the situation. The whole blog was thorough and informative.

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EllieLikesCupcakes said...

i like how you make like your own little intro to the whole thing. it makes it very clear to understand. you sound like such a smarty pants. i think for the evidence though you could do some specific examples. otherwise very nice and complete.

-ellie v.
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