Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 5

Paolo Roggero, Viviana Manglaterra, Flavia Bustreo, Furio Rosati
"The Health Impact of Child Labor in Developing Countries: Evidence from Cross-Country Data." American Journal of Public Health. February 2007. Vol. 97, Iss. 2: Pg. 271

With so many child laborers all of whom are being denied a real childhood and facing horrible working conditions and then working at places taht are causing great damage to their health. Many of these children are malnourished, living in poverty, and without and education. The health impact of child labor has not been brought into great detail but there has been evidence of its bad affects. It's hard to tell how this will affect the future and the next generation of childrens health. Some health factors that are included is the transmitting of sexual diseases, long term, and short tern health issues.

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