Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 7

Anuj Choopra
"India's Latest Move to Stop Child Labor: A New Law Banning Children Under 14 from Working in Homes or Restaurants Begins Tuesday in India." THe Christian Schience Monitor. October. 10, 2006

As of right now there are many children, some being as young as 10 years old, whor work 12 hours a day and making often less than a dollar. Now a new ban has been created banning children from working who are under the age of 14. Although many believe this is the start of ending child labor many believe more could be done. One issure that risses from this ban is creating alternate funding for the families who depend on this extra income. India which has the most children working in the labor force in the whole world will now start to decrease in emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that occures to many children who were working. With the new ban many things will change and be hard to adjust to.

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