Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Annotation 8

Nirmala George
"Ban on Child Labor Begins in India."
Houstin Chronicle. Octover 10, 2006

A new ban has been created in India that bans companies and people from hiring children under the age of 14. Even with this law many children still are working, some in hazardous conditions. With this new law officials hope to send more children to school to get and education. Many children that were interviewed couldn't remember the last tiem they didn't work some being only 13 years old. But there are many children and families who do depend on the money that their child makes in order to survive. With the new law anone who violates it will be fined although many of them are unsure if the law will be enforced. Oe problem with this law is the worry that if these children can't work that they will suffer and live in poverty.

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