Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Tri: 3 Raft March 29th Favorite Place in the World

Show, Don't Tell Assignment

Think of your favorite place in the world. Describe it in a RAFT assignment using the following format. DO NOT say what the place is.

R - travel agent or real estate agent
A - possible consumers (travellers or buyers)
F - advertisement brochure
T - My favorite place in the whole world.

Put it in your blog and label it Favorite Place in the World

Remember: Show, don't tell!

At my favorite place in the whole world it is always beautiful whether it's winter, spring, summer, or fall. But my favorite time of all at this place is in the summer. My favorite place is always a lot of fun and is surrounded by little cabins with lakes all around from big ones to smaller ones. At this place there are big pine trees everywhere and pine needles that cover the ground as if trying to be the grass. Across the road is a state park with many walking trails that can lead you to great fishing spots. This place has a big house that can hold up to 40 people at certain times even though it can get crammed. In the house there is not one wall that is not covered with some kind of junk that hides all of the really great things that my grandma really has. Probably my favorite part of this place is the little old cabinet that is stashed with all kinds of candy from red juju coins to licorish. On the back side of the house there is a big garage where my grandma holds her "gift shop" but in my opinion is just a year round garage sale of junk. On the front side of the house is a beautiful lake with a beach that is amazing as the sun sets. The beach is always a highlight because of the sandcastle building, frog hunting, bonfires, and digging big holes to put people in and then watching them try to get out. The lake is always a lot of fun when the water is like glass and there's no one else out there but you. It's the best when your out tubing on a huge tube called super mable, that can hold five people, and then laughing after you hit a huge wave and all fall off.

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Travis Sokolik said...

Your favorite place sounds pretty sweet I liked how you described the beach makes me want to go myself great writing.